What school wil your child attend?


Select a school year and enter a street address as instructed below. The neighborhood schools associated with this address, that are within the Portland Public School boundaries, will be displayed.

It is vital that you enter an accurate home address, or you will not get an accurate result:

  1. Select the school year that  will apply to your address lookup.
  2. Enter the address and make sure everything is spelled correctly.
  3. Be sure you choose a street direction (NE, SW, etc.) and street type (St, Ave, Rd, etc.) from the pull-down lists provided.
  4. Click on the submit button when finished.  
Find Your Neighborhood School

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  • View school profilesThey include detailed enrollment history, demographics, student achievement, staffing and budget information for each school.
  • View a map of Portland School District 2015-16 boundaries