Summer Scholars

Important Announcement:

Summer Scholars is finished for the Summer. Please return in Spring 2016 for updated information.

Summer Scholars is a high school credit recovery and credit advancement program. It is a tuition-based program for students who want to recover credit, improve a grade, or get ahead by earning original credit. Each three-week semester carries 0.5 credits.

Note: Students entering 9th grade in the upcoming school year of 2015-2016 are not eligible to take classes at Portland Summer Scholars and they should ask their school for information on what programs their student may be enroll in for the summer. 

Summer Scholars 2016 Dates and Times

Session 1:  TBD

No classes July 3rd

Session 2:  TBD

Attendance Policies

Due to the compressed nature of the SS schedule, regular and on-time attendance is crucial to students’ academic success.

Absence Policy

Students who are absent more than three (3) class periods will be dropped from the program, without a refund. There are no excused absences, including absences due to late enrollment.

Tardy Policy

Students who arrive after the tardy bell will be considered tardy and must get a tardy slip to take to class. Students arriving after 9:00am will receive a one-half (1/2) absence. In addition, three (3) tardies will equal one (1) absence.

For more information regarding the Summer Scholars program, use the links at the left to access details regarding registration, tuition rates, etc.