SE Works


Fostering Successful Futures through positive relationships, education and career development


Our small classes and individualized instruction, led by full-time certified teachers, assist students to prepare for the GED and post-secondary studies. Along the way, our non-traditional approach makes learning fun through a variety of activities and exploring the community. Classes meet daily—Monday through Thursday—and the class size never exceeds 20. In addition to the class each week, students also work one-on-one with a tutor for at least one hour and participate in after-school homework clubs, and participate in a work experience on Fridays for three hours.


While earning a GED, students work with support staff to identify a post-secondary plan.  Our staff work with youth to discover which career choices best fit their skills and interests, then we connect them with employer partners for work experiences, such as paid internships or employment opportunities.  We also work with young people as they enroll in college or vocational training programs that fit their career goals.


Youth work together in and out of the classroom to achieve their goals. Our community-based environment encourages students to work together and support each other.  While enrolled in the program, students meet regularly with youth advocates who help them address any challenges and identify future goals. Our community volunteers include a pool of mentors, who are matched with youth for one-on-one encouragement toward academic achievement, higher self-esteem and healthy life choices, and who also chaperone some group activities.


Monday—Thursday 9:00a.m – 3:00 p.m., plus one hour of individual tutoring per week and three hours of work experience on Fridays. Each trimester another cohort of students begins the program and most of those from the previous trimester achieve their GED.  Prior to entering the GED Cohort, students participate in tutoring for 1-4 months. Students are welcome to return to tutoring if they fail to complete their GED during the Cohort.


Students must be 17-20 years of age

A resident of the Portland Public School District