Rosemary Anderson High School/Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (RAHS/POIC)

The Portland OIC and Rosemary Anderson High School are committed to serving at-risk youth through the age of 25, providing the highest quality services in education, mentoring, family outreach, employment training and placement.

High School Diploma/GED
Rosemary Anderson High School is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and approved by the Oregon Department of Education.  We have been serving Portland's most at-risk and disadvantaged youth for over two decades, establishing a culture of success throughout our student population by offering constant positive reinforcement and creating an academic atmosphere founded upon a nurturing yet challenging classroom environment.  RAHS offers high intensity, high quality curriculum in all of the major courses of study that are in alignment with state standards.  Our innovative educational philosophy is based upon years of experience and observations dealing with underrepresented minority students (85% of RAHS students are children of color), many of whom have come to us after failing in larger urban school environments.  RAHS students are educated using a combination of traditional and non-traditional techniques, requiring more intensive hands on and avant-garde methodologies. 

Our organizational strengths lie in finding new and better ways of serving our student population by capitalizing upon decades of experience, strategic partnerships and flexible, non-traditional educational approaches.  We benefit greatly from having a small school environment, which allows us the necessary flexibility to address problems as they arise.  At Rosemary Anderson High School a teacher's knowledge is not simply transmitted verbatim to his/her students, it is a process in which the instructor combines problem-solving techniques with the pedagogical ability to make rigorous curriculum accessible to diverse learners.  Our racially diverse staff possesses an innate knowledge of the challenges faced by their pupils, allowing swift and proper intervention as problems arise. 

Transition to College
The specific objective of the Transitions Program is to produce highly motivated, marketable, educated, and employable young adults who have self-sustaining lives.  Our Transitions Program was implemented in 2007 to provide continued support to our graduates as they move into post-secondary education, career pathway employment, or apprenticeship programs.  This support begins upon the attainment of a high school diploma or GED and continues until the age of 25.  On average, the duration of a graduate's involvement in the Transitions Program is six years.  In that time Portland OIC provides virtually 100% of that individuals needs, ranging from transportation to rental assistance, health care to crisis intervention. 

Career Exploration
           Job Shadows
Interviewing Skills
Part-time Employment
Barista Certification
Customer Service Certification

Leadership Academy
Student Council
Community Service
Service Learning Projects

Life Skills
Problem Solving
Self Advocacy
Anger Management
Drug and Alcohol Referrals

Community Supporters
  Portland Public Schools
Precision Castparts Corporation
Portland Community College
Oregon Mentors
Western Oregon University
Portland State University
Lewis and Clark College
Concordia University
MIKE Project
Classroom Law Project
Bridgetown Coffee
Chill Snowboarding Project
Portland Children's Levy
NELA Center
El Programma Hispano
Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service
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