Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School 9-12

The Leadership and Entrepreneurship High School (LEP High, pronounced "Leap High") focuses on engaging students in their learning experience and making school a relevant and exciting place to learn.  Through the study of leader and entrepreneurship, students develop a strong sense of self-efficacy, social responsibility, and an entrepreneurial mind set.  The school design also provides a rigorous college prep curriculum.  Teachers use project-based, interdisciplinary learning and a diverse student body gains real world experiences through internships and service learning with businesses and community organizations.  Grading and credit requirements are higher than many schools in the area and students graduate with the credits and grades necessary to enter a college or university.  Students may also graduate from LEP High School with college credits.  To make sure that all students achieve high levels of success, the school has a longer school day, a tutorial program, advisory, access to grades online for families, credit recovery, and other support structures.  Classes are smaller than those in many high schools and students feel cared for, connected, and supported at school.  This school's goal is to provide students with the skills and attitudes that will lead to success in college, and life in the 21st century.

For applications or additional information please contact LEP Public Charter High School at the numbers/addresses listed above, or on the web at www.lephigh.org.