Public Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that are intended to provide innovative programs with specific educational philosophies and/or delivery models that offer additional options for students and families within the public school system.  Charter schools enter into a contract with Portland Public Schools for sponsorship and they maintain a high level of autonomy in exchange for increased accountability.

The Board of Education of Portland Public Schools believes that providing students and families a variety of education choices representing a range of high quality instructional methodologies is an important element in the district's goals and assists the district in meeting the objectives of its Strategic Plan to provide flexibility for programs that facilitate students achieving their very best academic and personal potential. 


List of Charter Schools  


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To LEP Charter School students and families:


As you have heard, LEP will be closing its doors at the end of the school year.  LEP staff and board remain committed to helping all students finish the year at LEP, and working with PPS to help transition students to new schools for next year.


By March 30, PPS will have a full-time counselor located at LEP to assist in this process, and contact information for this person will be released soon.


Over Spring Break, we will have staff at the Enrollment and Transfer Center at PPS available to answer questions about schools and processes.  PPS is committed to a smooth transition for each family, and staff will be meeting with each individual student in the next few weeks.  We will update this page weekly with news and contact information.  Please feel free to call the following numbers:


For information about schools, lotteries, and transfers: Fred Boggan, Enrollment and Transfer Center: or 503.916.3205

For other questions: Kristen Miles, Charter Schools Program Director: or 503.916.3359


Thank you.

(Updated: 3/20/15)