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Multiple Pathways to Graduation

A central component of the mission of Portland Public Schools is to “support all students in achieving their very highest educational and personal potential.” The Multiple Pathways to Graduation Mission is to “provide educational options for all youth that empower, engage, and prepare them for college, work training, and citizenship while serving as a vanguard for systemic educational change.” The district is committed to providing an appropriate learning environment for all students. Alternative education options can be either district operated or community based. These options are developed to meet the needs of a specific student population. Alternative education options can be either a program of a school or an independent school. To meet student’s needs, alternative education options generally offer something different from or in addition to the regular curriculum and may offer something different from regular school hours.

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Roadmap to Multiple Pathways to Graduation  

Indistrict programs and community-based alternative programs are available for students whose academic and social needs are not currently being met effectively in traditional school settings. Included are school-within-school programs in high schools, night schools and programs located at separate locations. Alternative offerings include specialized programs targeting primarily at-risk youth and homeless students, drug and alcohol problems, juvenile justice and other issues. Parents, teachers and community members are encouraged to present their ideas for innovative new alternative programs by calling the Multiple Pathways to Graduation (MPG) department at (503) 916-5437, or email kwolfe@pps.netOther MPG programs include Teen Parent Services and Summer Scholars (high school).

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