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Instruction, Curriculum, & Assessment

The Department of Instruction, Curriculum, & Assessment supports teachers in continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. Our goal is to support teachers in delivering rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum equitably across the district. Our work directly supports the Successful Schools Framework fundamentals of Quality Instruction & Quality Assessment.
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Common Core State Standards at Portland Public SchoolsAdopted by over 45 states in the U.S., the Common Core State Standards are a set of shared K-12 learning expectations for students in English-language arts and mathematics. These two new sets of content standards replace Oregon’s current standards in English language arts and mathematics. While the new standards are similar in ways to Oregon’s current standards, some content has been shifted and the level of rigor has increased to ensure college and career readiness at the end of high school. 

Portland Public Schools began phasing in the Common Core State Standards in 2011-12, providing professional development to teachers and aligning core curriculum.  Beginning in 2014-2015, students will no longer take the OAKS exam and will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment instead.  Select schools across our district are participating in field testing this Spring 2014, and we will determine optimal technology and logistical configurations to support this new assessment.