The Census, required by the US Constitution, is important,*

 and it's a teachable moment...

Here are some supplemental materials from the United States Census and Scholastic that address standards in six Social Studies strands, as well as in Language Arts and Math.

Teacher Resource Page

Some of the Contents of the Teacher Resource Page

A Teaching Guide for grades K-4

Here's a lesson for Grade 4: Picture Your State

Here is the information to support the Picture Your State lesson:


A Teaching Guide for grades 5-8

Good maps

Here's a graph and information about earnings in relationship to educational attainment.

A Teaching Guide for grades 9-12

*"Census data are used to determine the number of representatives your state receives in the U.S. Congress, as well as your county’s representation in the state legislature. Government agencies use the data to make funding decisions for more than $300 billion each year, including:


  • Title 1 allocations
  • College grant and loan programs
  • Public transportation
  • Road and community improvements
  • Public health services and hospitals
  • Neighborhood improvements
  • Senior services"