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U.S. Physical Map
U.S. Land Cover Map
World Political Map
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Map Resources for 8th Grade The United States Through Industrialism
  1. Native Americans
    Native American Cultural Regions
  2. European Exploration and Settlement
    Spanish and English Exploration in the Americas
  3. The English Colonies in America
    Territorial Growth 1775
  4. A Growing Sense of Nationhood
    Territorial Growth 1820
  5. Andrew Jackson and the Growth of American Democracy
    The Indians Removal Map
  6. Manifest Destiny and the Growing Nation
    Westward Expansion 1815-1845
  7. Life in the West
    Oregon Trail
  8. A Dividing Nation
    Missouri Compromise Map
    Compromise of 1850 Map
  9. The Civil War
    The Progress of Secession Map
  10. The Reconstruction Era
    Reconstruction Map