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Social Science Analysis and Global Connections Through Time Lesson:

Land Rights in Guatamala: These student journal pages were written to support a Mercy Corps Action Center online resource at

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Choose a case study, click on the picture, make sure your sound is on, and follow the lesson! Excellent! Students can use the journal pages to record their listening, thinking, and learning. Here are the Social Science Analysis and Global Connections Through Time standards that the lesson addresses.


Social Science Analysis Embedded in Daily Instruction Examples with Suggested Writing Products

Take your class to the Action Center for a field trip!

Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Unit One Unit Two Unit Three
Unit Four
Unit Five Unit Six Unit Seven Unit Eight

Unit One

Unit 7.1 Overview

Unit 7.1 Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Social Structure in the Middle Ages Video Guide and Unit Overview

Lesson 7.1.01

Lesson 7.1.02

Lesson 7.1.03

Lesson 7.1.04

Lesson 7.1.05

Lesson 7.1.06

Unit Two

Unit Overview 7.2

Pre-Assessment: Knowledge Rating Chart on The Rise of Islam

Unit 7.2 Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Lesson 7.2.07

Lesson 7.2.08

Lesson 7.2.09

Lesson 7.2.10

Lesson 7.2.11

Unit Three

Pre-Assessment_Formative Assessment_West Africa

Unit 7.3 Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Lesson 7.3.12

Lesson 7.3.13

Lesson 7.3.14

Lesson 7.3.15

Unit Four

Unit Overview 7.4

Unit 7.4 Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Lesson 7.4.16          Lesson 7.4.17          Lesson 7.4.18          Lesson 7.4.19   


Unit Five

Unit Overview 7.5

Unit 7.5 Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Pre-Assessment Knowledge Rating on Medieval Japan

Lesson 7.5.20         Lesson 7.5.21            Lesson 7.5.22



Unit Six

Unit Overview 7.6

Unit 7.6 Enrichment/Compactinig Resources

Lesson 7.6.23            Lesson 7.6.24            Lesson 7.6.25

Lesson 7.6.26            Lesson 7.6.27            


Unit Seven

Unit Overview 7.7

Unit 7.7 Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Pre-Assessment Questions for Renaissance and Reformation

Lesson 7.7.28            Lesson 7.7.29          7.7.29 Video History of the Renaissance  

Lesson 7.7.30            Lesson 7.7.31            Lesson 7.7.32


Unit Eight

Unit Overview 7.8

Unit 7.8 Enrichment/Compacting Resources

Lesson 7.8.33            Lesson 7.8.34            Lesson 7.8.35

Lesson 7.8.35_Excerpts            Lesson 7.8.35_Game Key

Lesson 7.8.35_What's the Big Idea Game/Activity






Unit Overview 7.1Unit Overview 7.1 Unit Overview 7.3