PPS School Curriculum

Core Curriculum Materials Adoption
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Portland Public Schools will implement and support a common core curriculum providing:
  • Greater equity of student outcomes
  • Consistent and reliable teaching and learning goals
  • Clear organization
  • Multiple teaching resources
  • Systems to monitor progress
  • Portland Public Schools has at the center of all classroom practice an agreed upon set of standards that serve as a road map for instruction.
  • There are clear grade level/course expectations.
  • Literacy standards are taught in all areas.
Instructional Strategies
  • Portland Public Schools recognizes the critical role of the classroom practitioner in raising learner achievement. Effective classroom instruction draws upon a set of high-leverage strategies and techniques that maximize learner engagement through strategic and differentiated teaching.
  • All teachers use high-leverage strategies and participate in ongoing professional development based on those strategies.
Materials and Resources
  • Portland Public Schools provides all teachers with materials and resources that offer opportunities for varying levels of instructional supports.
  • All teachers have appropriate materials needed to address the needs of our diverse populations through interventions and enhancements.
  • Teachers supplement these core resources and materials with their own creativity and innovation.
  • Teachers combine common instructional strategies with materials in effective planning.

High School Curriculum Guides:

Assessment and Common Assignments


  • Portland Public Schools utilizes a common set of performance-based assessments and assignments at every grade level to monitor student achievement.
  • Data is used to inform instruction and school improvement plans.
  • Instruction is based on assessment benchmarks.