Budget Tools and Calculators

2015-16 Employee Cost Calculator and Consolidated Budget Conversion Form
  • Calculate total cost including benefits for any employee and
  • Fill out the Consolidated Budget FTE Conversion Form

Employee Salary Schedules

  • Human Resources list of Salary Schedules in .pdf format
Hours Cost Calculator
  • Simply calculate the total cost of employee hours including fringe
Extended Responsibility (ER) Calculator
  • Find the appropriate extended responsibility rate and
  • Calculate the total ER cost, including fringe for the appropriate rate
Budget Transfer Request Form 2015-2016

When filling out the form, please keep in mind:

  • Transfer amounts must be in whole dollars
  • All chartfiled strings must be complete and accurate
  • An explanation of the purpose of the transfer must be included on the form
  • The totals in the "FROM" and "TO" columns must match
  • When Salary amounts are involved (e.g extended hours and responsibility), remember to include fringe benefit amounts.
  • Transfer between appropriation levels (e.g., 10000-Instruction to 20000-Support Services) require approval by the Board of Education

If you have any questions on how to use these tools please contact your Budget Analyst.