Policies and Administrative Directives

Draft Policies 
Proposed policies open to public comment.

Adopted Policies and Administrative Directives

Policies are adopted by resolution by the Board. Administrative Directives implement policies and are approved and adopted by the Superintendent. You can browse adopted policies and administrative directives by series title below, or search by keywords.

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Manuals Adopted by Reference

Special Education Manual

Section 504 Procedures   PDF help
(adopted by reference by policy 6.30.010-P)


Contracting and Purchasing Rules

Contracting and Purchasing  Rules (adopted 12/17/12)

Contracting and Purchasing Rules  (adopted 8/23/10) 

Contracting and Purchasing Rules  (prior to 8/23/10)


Other Manuals & Handbooks

Guidelines for conduct at public meetings   PDF help

Guide to Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline   

OAR 581 Division 22 Report    PDF help  

 Tobacco Prevention Toolbox PDF help      



External policies & regulations 

State Fire Marshal guidelines (regarding holiday decor)

If you have questions about a specific policy, contact your neighborhood school. Each school should have an up-to-date PPS Policy and Directives handbook. Or you may contact the General Counsel's office at 503 916-3570.