Finance, Audit and Operations Committee

Not a Standing Committee in 2011-2012

Statement of Purpose

The Finance, Audit and Operations Committee is responsible for ensuring that the District functions in a fiscally prudent manner, with high levels of financial stewardship, and that District operations are efficient and effective in meeting the needs of all students.  It reviews issues and makes recommendations to the Board of Education on a range of topics, the majority of which fall under the direction of the Executive Directors of Operations, Finance, and Human Resources.

Examples of topics examined include:  finance; facilities operations and plans; capital improvement planning and the rebuilding and remodeling of school buildings; transportation; nutrition services; and, information technology.  The Committee focuses particular attention on the District's annual budget, culminating in a formal written report with a formal recommendation to the Board.

The members of the Committee also serve, with two independent members, as the Audit Committee to oversee the work of the District's Performance Auditor.