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Admin Connection

The Administrator's Connection contains information for school and central administrators. Please see the current posting below which may include required action, required reading, deadlines and opportunities.

Admin Connection for May 19, 2015

Information for school and central administrators:

This administrative webpage will be the primary communication tool from district leadership. Occasionally, there could be a change in venue, date, or time of an event or meeting. When these or similar pieces of information need to be conveyed quickly, group e-mails will most likely be sent out. However, the number of these should be limited. School and district administrators are expected to view the Admin Connection every Tuesday (on Wednesday on weeks when the district is closed on Monday). Thank you and do not hesitate to notify us (admin-connection@pps.net) if you have suggestions for improvement of this tool.



Reminder, ALL emergency drills need to be entered on the electronic drill tracker at https://connect.pps.net/departments/home/emergency-management/Lists/School%20Emergency%20Drills/AllItems.aspx and on the drill report form located in the red fire, life, safety binders at each school site. Thank you.

Molly Emmons, Emergency Preparedness Manager
x63238 memmons@pps.net



Hello Principals and school secretaries:

As we near the end of the school year, many outside organizations are reaching out to PPS to let our students and families know about summer activities and resources. In keeping with the Administrative Directive for Distribution of Materials, please direct all applicants to follow the procedure to distribute their materials in Portland Public Schools.

1. All flyers must be submitted for approval using this link to the approval form: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/depts/support/dom_request.php
2. Once they have received their letter of approval, they will print that letter and their flyers and present them to the school secretary for distribution.

*Without this printed letter of approval from the office of Chief of Communications and Public Affairs, Jon Isaacs, their flyers shall not be distributed nor displayed in public display areas in Portland Public Schools.

Thank you and please feel free to contact Monine Rodriguez Sutherland in Community Involvement and Public Affairs with further questions.

Monine Rodriguez Sutherland, Confidential Exec. Asst. CIPA
x63304 arodriguez@pps.net


Last week school specific transition plans to Integrated Science were sent to all 6th - 8th grade science teachers and building principals. In order to ensure that the correct SEPUP science materials are delivered to your building in the fall, please contact Jennifer Mayo (jmayo@pps.net), Science TOSA, by this Friday, May 22, with any changes of staffing for next year that you know of at this time. If additional staffing changes occur during the summer, then please also send these updates to Jennifer Mayo.

Lab Notebooks for 6th - 8th science were to be ordered through the IRC by May 8, 2015. If your school has not yet ordered these Lab Notebooks, then please contact Adrienne Howard, ahoward@pps.net, immediately.

Questions? Jennifer Mayo, jmayo@pps.net

Julie Rierson, Asst. Dir. ICA
x71038 jrierson@pps.net


Just a heads up to all that the Student Services team is moving from Tubman to Rice this Thursday, May 21. Our new address at Rice is: 6433 NE Tillamook, Portland OR 97213.

We will have new telephone extensions as well, but calls will be routed through from the old extensions temporarily until everyone gets used to the new numbers. Here they are:

Name                                        Old Extension    New Extension
Student Services Department   x65460              No Change
Amy Ruona                               x71009              x63349
Nicole Kappes-Levine               x63036              No Change
Penny Bartemus                       x71005              x63351
Tammy Jackson                       x71004               x63360
Kristin Chrisman                       x71002               x63356
Crisis Response/Flight Team   x66611               No Change

Of course, our webpage is the same: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/student-services/index.htm
We are excited about our move to Rice and hope that you will come see us soon!

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net


Good news! The meal prices for the 2015-16 school year will remain the same.

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools will provide school breakfast and lunches to ALL students at NO CHARGE.

The price for meals at the non-CEP schools will be:

Grades PK-12 $1.35
Reduced Price $0.00
Adult $2.10
Milk $0.50

Grades PK-5 $2.70
Grades 6-8 $2.95
Grades 9-12 $3.20
Reduced Price $0.40 * Please note there is a bill in the Oregon legislature that if passed will provide funding for reduced price meals. Families eligible for reduced price meals would pay $0.00.
Adult $4.20
Milk $0.50

For more information, contact Nutrition Services at 503-916-3399.

Gitta Grether-Sweeney, Director, Nutrition Services
x63397 gsweeney@pps.net


Dear Administrators, please place the info below in your parent newsletters.
Thank you.
Gitta Grether-Sweeney, Director, Nutrition Services
x63397 gsweeney@pps.net

School Meal Account Balances
All remaining balances (positive or negative) on students’ meal accounts from the 2014-15 year are automatically held for students at their current school or transferred to students’ new schools within the district.

Families are encouraged to go online to MyLunchMoney.com to make convenient online meal payments. There is a $1.95 transaction fee.

Contact your school cafeteria or the Nutrition Services central office at 503-916-3399 or visit our website www.pps.net/departments/nutrition if you have additional questions about school meals.



Item: FINANCE DIVISION CLOSED - see May 5 Admin Connection for more details
Date: Thursday, May 21
Time: 8:00-11:00

Pam Micek, Executive Assistant to CFO, Deputy CFO/Budget Dir.
x63499 pmicek@pps.net



Summer Workshops and PPS IT Expo http://bit.ly/ppstechexpo

Follow the link above to see a schedule of technology learning opportunities taking place this summer, as well as get information about the PPS IT Expo. Workshops will be occurring June 23-25, July 14-16 and August 4-6, Tuesdays through Thursdays, 9am-noon at the BESC, Wallowa Lab.

The PPS IT Expo is a full-day professional learning opportunity on Wednesday, July 22, with sessions focused on educational and technical support topics, as well as a hardware showcase and unconference session. Please bring your own device and join us at the BESC to connect with your colleagues around using technology in the classroom and how best to support teachers with that technology. This is a free event and lunch will be provided!

PPS EdTech Summer Camp http://bit.ly/edtechsummercamp
Summer camp is about having fun, trying new things and connecting with friends. That’s what PPS EdTech Summer Camp is about, too! This camp is an introductory virtual playtime that allows you to explore some great tools you can use in your classroom. Through a series of creative challenges, you will build your own knowledge and skill in using technology to create and share. Join us for a summer learning adventure! Follow the link above for more information and to register.

All PPS educators, support staff and administrators are welcome to register for any of these summer education technology learning opportunities on the PPS Learning Campus, under Instructional Technology. Attendance at workshops or the one-day event are voluntary.

Other Learning Opportunities

• May 20 Learning CAFE (during late opening)
• June 19 Camp Chromebook https://sites.google.com/site/campchromebook14/ at Lewis
• June 23-25 PPS Technology Workshops
• July 14-16 PPS Technology Workshops
• July 17 PPS EdTech Summer Camp "Campfire Day"
• July 22 PPS IT Expo
• August 4-6 PPS Technology Workshops
• August 11 PPS EdTech Summer Camp "Campfire Day"
• August 14 Camp Chromebook https://sites.google.com/site/campchromebook14/ at Lewis

Questions? Please contact Melissa Lim, mlim@pps.net, 503-916-3030.

Melissa Lim, Instructional Technology
916-2000 x74130 mlim@pps.net


We have a unique opportunity for one Title One K-5 or K-8 school to partner with Raising a Reader to boost family reading behaviors and school readiness. Raising a Reader supports literacy outcomes by building reading readiness and school to family connections. It requires minimal time investment with primary teachers and outcomes and rewards are research-supported and impressive.

Interested? Please notify your Senior Director and contact Jon Isaacs if interested at 503-916-3054.

Denise Maher, Administrative Assistant
x63487 dmaher1@pps.net


As you create your school supply list for the 2015-16 school year, I recommend you add emergency items to the list. Items such as a bottle of water, a granola bar or fruit cup, an emergency rain poncho and/or an emergency blanket. Think of items that can be easily stored in a classroom and that are easy for families to purchase and send in with the other supplies. Food and water items could be sent home at the end of the school year or donated to a local shelter to avoid expiration dates.

Please contact me if you would like additional suggestions for items to go on the supply list or if you have any emergency preparedness questions or concerns. Thank you.

Molly Emmons, Emergency Preparedness Manager
x63238 memmons@pps.net


All K-12 school counselors are encouraged to participate in an end-of-the-year professional development day. Administrators are also welcome to attend. Lunch will be provided.

Date: Tuesday, June 16, from 8:30am–3:30pm at Madison High School

• Jump Start – Effective Grade-Level Transitions
• Motivational Interviewing – Key to Engagement

In preparation for a discussion about grade-level transitions, all K-5/K-8/MS counselors are asked to fill out a transition spreadsheet about their transition-grade students to pass on to receiving upper grade counselors. Counselors should submit completed spreadsheets to Nicole Kappes-Levine, Student Services counselor, at nlevine1@pps.net by Tuesday, June 9.

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based practice that helps to facilitate and engage intrinsic motivation. This behavior-changing technique allows students to positively engage in school and to improve college and career readiness.

Please sign up for this event on the Learning Campus.

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net