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The Administrator's Connection contains information for school and central administrators. Please see the current posting below which may include required action, required reading, deadlines and opportunities.

Admin Connection for November 24, 2015

Information for school and central administrators:

This administrative webpage will be the primary communication tool from district leadership. Occasionally, there could be a change in venue, date, or time of an event or meeting. When these or similar pieces of information need to be conveyed quickly, group e-mails will most likely be sent out. However, the number of these should be limited. School and district administrators are expected to view the Admin Connection every Tuesday (on Wednesday on weeks when the district is closed on Monday). Thank you and do not hesitate to notify us (admin-connection@pps.net) if you have suggestions for improvement of this tool.



All Central Office administrators and staff, principals, vice principals, bookkeepers, and secretaries must take the Contracting Updates and Best Practices 2015-16 course on Campus Coursepark no later than Tuesday, December 8. The course will take 5-10 minutes to complete. Course completion will be tracked.

Register for training under PSCP1516: Contracting Updates and Best Practices 2015-16 by following the 6 steps below:

1. Click on http://campus.coursepark.com/portland/index.cfm/fa/catalog.level/cID/138760/catalogType/all
2. Click on Purchasing and Contracting Rules and Procedures
3. Click on Add (Contracting Updates and Best Practices 2015-16 Course Code PSCP1516), you will be prompted for your user name and password;
4. Click on Add again;
5. Click on Register Now for Course; you will be prompted with yellow box on top
6. Click launch the course

Emily Courtnage, Program Director, Purchasing & Contracting
X63421 ecourtnage@pps.net


The onset of winter weather, intensified attention on earthquake preparedness, and the tragedy of the Umpqua Community College shooting this fall are good reasons to review with families how PPS prepares for and communicates about emergencies.

Please read the protocols on the PPS Get Urgent News webpage, several are new:

Share resources with families as works best for your school:
• School newsletter item or email to families
: Use the paragraph above as an intro and then link to Get Urgent News, which has information in all supported languages: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/about-us/6178.htm
Brochure Coming: CIPA will send via Pony 100 English copies of a brochure/rack card that reviews the emergency response and communication protocols. The Pony packet will include instructions for ordering translated versions or more English copies. Please share with parent groups and leave some on your counter.

Key pieces to know and follow:
Weather: We will use both autodialer calls in all languages and text messages to inform families if school is delayed or closed due to weather. Eventually we will phase out autodialers as text messaging expands but to meet our obligation to communicate with all families, we will double up for now. If parents complain, please reinforce our responsibility to communicate with all families.
Lockdowns/Lockout: How we communicate about these actions has become a hot issue with parents. Following is now our practice:
  o Brief incident: School emails families or backpacks a message home at end of day.
  o Parent action required: Text message and/or autodialer call as soon as possible if incident impacts school start or dismissal or if students need to be picked up.
  o Extended incident: Text message and/or autodialer call, even if no action is required.

Please consult with Comms - either Christine Miles (971-806-7753) or Erin Barnett (503-320-6054) or Jon Isaacs (503-757-5721) - when you have a lockdown/lockout or evacuation and need to communicate with families. We will help you craft your message.

Let us know if you have questions - Erin Barnett, Senior Comms Manager, ebarnett@pps.net and Christine Miles, Senior Media/Comms Manager, cmiles@pps.net

Erin Barnett, Senior Communications Manager CIPA
x63385 ebarnett@pps.net



Security Services Office of Emergency Management will be sending a monthly tabletop exercise scenario in Admin Connection. Our recommendation for these exercises is to take 5 to 10 minutes once a month at a staff meeting to discuss the different emergency scenario. Talk through the immediate actions that should be taken, who should take them and what the priorities are for managing the emergency. The goal is to get your staff thinking about possible solutions to some very complex issues, while staying in alignment with the school emergency response plan. This is a great way to train new staff and begin to promote a culture of safety in your buildings. The time spent on these discussions may prove to be a “life-saving” experience.

A student in your class loses control and starts to throw objects around the class, turning over desks and threatening the safety of other students in the class.

What are the immediate actions staff should take?
Identify the priorities for managing the situation?
How is notification of the situation made and to whom?

Please contact our office if you need some additional emergency response training or support for your staff.

Molly Emmons, Emergency Preparedness Manager
x63238 memmons@pps.net


For the 6-12 Language Arts Adoption, the English as a Second Language, Department of Dual Language, and English Language Arts teams will be inviting feedback from the parents/families of the students who were in classrooms where teachers were participating in the pilot.

Schools participating in the pilot are spread throughout the city. In our efforts to increase multiple perspectives, especially those from underserved communities, in this process, we have identified 4 key locations that could possibly serve as host sites for this event.

Lincoln High School is hosting the West session on Dec. 1 from 5:30 - 7:30: Lincoln, Skyline, East/West Sylvan, Gray, MLC, and Wilson.

King School is hosting the Northeast session on Dec. 2 from 5:30 - 7:30: King, Woodlawn, Beverly Cleary, Chief Joseph Ockley Green, Beach, Boise-Eliot, Irvington, Laurelhurst, Scott, Lee, Jefferson, Benson, Grant, and Madison.

Chavez School is hosting the North session on Dec. 8 from 5:30 - 7:30: Chavez, Peninsula, Astor, George, and Roosevelt.

Bridger School is hosting the Southeast session on Dec. 15 from 5:30 - 7:30: Bridger, Vestal, Hosford, Creative Science, Harrison Park, Lent, Lane, Franklin, Cleveland, and Parry Center.

The Department of Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment with the Office of Teaching and Learning will provide all of the necessary services (e.g. interpreters for the meeting), refreshments, etc.

Please review this link to confirm participating teachers and each school's location, date, and time. This invitation
has been shared with the pilot teachers to share with their students and families. Because we know how important this conversation is to ensuring a quality outcome for students, we want to partner with you to help us communicate with families of those students who have been involved in the pilot.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for all you do every day for our staff, students, and community. Have a wonderful week!

Andrea Lockard, Asst. Director of Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment
x65479 alockard@pps.net



Deadline: Monday, November 30, 2015

Tiel Jackson, Data Systems Manager
x63076 tjackso1@pps.net



US Department of Education: Principal Ambassador Fellowship Program and Teaching Ambassador Fellowship Program

The US Department of Education offers two separate Fellowship Programs – one for Principals and another for Teachers – to provide practitioners with meaningful opportunities to both understand and contribute to the policies that impact students and their school communities.

The program has two separate year-long paid positions: The Washington Fellowship which is full-time at the Department’s Headquarters in Washington, DC and the Campus Fellowship (Principals) or Classroom Fellowship (Teachers) which allows practitioners to participate on a part-time basis while continuing their work at their home school.

The roles, responsibilities, and opportunities of these Fellowships are detailed on their respective websites.
Due Date: December 14 by 9 pm

Principal Fellowship
Teacher Fellowship

Susan Jordan, Grants
x63447 sjordan@pps.net


Please share this interesting professional development opportunity with High School and/or Middle School Social Studies and/or AVID teachers. It is an exciting chance to further engage with our partners in the Classroom Law Project!

Additional details:
• 40 hours of civics instruction completed by June
• Open to 25 middle and/or high school teachers (content areas: Social Studies and AVID)
• Location for January and February sessions: Northwest Natural Gas Building on NW 2nd. in Old Town
Please go to www.classroomlaw.org for more information or contact Andrea Lockard with any questions.

Thank you,
Shay James, Senior Director - Office of School Performance
Andrea Lockard, Asst. Director - ICA

Andrea Lockard, Asst. Director of Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment
x65479 alockard@pps.net