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The Administrator's Connection contains information for school and central administrators. Please see the current posting below which may include required action, required reading, deadlines and opportunities.

Admin Connection for August 19, 2014

Information for school and central administrators:

This administrative webpage will be the primary communication tool from district leadership. Occasionally, there could be a change in venue, date, or time of an event or meeting. When these or similar pieces of information need to be conveyed quickly, group e-mails will most likely be sent out. However, the number of these should be limited. School and district administrators are expected to view the Admin Connection every Tuesday (on Wednesday on weeks when the district is closed on Monday). Thank you and do not hesitate to notify us (admin-connection@pps.net) if you have suggestions for improvement of this tool.



All principals: Please direct all members of your staff to read the School Staff Handbook that can be found online through the drop-down list at PPS Inside. Here's the direct link to that page: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/admin-connection/5200.htm

Please create a document listing all staff members' names and at the top state that signing or initialing indicates that this document has been read and understood. Human Resources Director, Sean Murray, indicated a September 30 deadline for accomplishing this task. It is certainly preferred if staff members can read it prior to the beginning of school, but we realize how much occurs in those first few days and it is a fairly long document. Some of the sections are new, some are changed, some have been eliminated. Thank you for enforcing this at your school.

Rudy Rudolph, Project Manager
x74618 rrudolph@pps.net


Individual Student Safety Plans are exited annually in Synergy. All Safety Plans posted in Synergy for 2013-14 have been exited as of the last day of the school year, 6/13/14. Please review Safety Plans for students in your school and determine whether the plan needs to be continued. If so, please follow the instructions posted on the Student Services website under “Safety Plans” and resubmit the plan. The link to the webpage is: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/student-services/573.htm

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net


PPS continues to use the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) program, developed by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). These rules apply to ALL students for ANY use of physical restraint or seclusion implemented by school personnel. Each school is required to have trained staff in restraint and seclusion.

What training is required?
PPS uses the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) program, developed by the Crisis Prevention Institute. The training consists of an initial, one-day training and an annual half-day refresher, which include restraint training as well as training on documentation and reporting. All NCI trainings are posted on the PPS Learning Campus.

Who must be trained?
All special classroom and special school staff (teachers, paras, behavior coaches and QMHPs) must have completed NCI training within the past 12 months and be physically able to implement a physical restraint or seclusion if needed.

Building administrators must designate a minimum of two staff to have current training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) in addition to focus classroom staff and campus monitors. The two additional trained staff members may be building administrators, counselors, SMS, teachers or other staff. In selecting staff to be trained, building administrators should identify people who are most likely to be in the building on any given day.

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net



As you prepare to welcome staff and students back for the new school year, please review these reminders about scheduling time with your PAT-represented staff:

1. Please do not schedule any activities on Monday, August 25 (the Monday before educators report to school).
2. Throughout the year, please avoid scheduling educators for any after school activities on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.
3. Please remember to allow staff one hour of staff meeting time, before the end of October, to complete the required Child Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Reporting training. (Note: The training does not have to be completed during specified staff meeting time, educators should be released from one hour of the time allowed on Monday or Tuesday for staff meetings, so that they can complete the training on their own.)
Please let me know if you have any questions about these reminders. Thank you.

Brock Logan, Director of Labor Relations
x63551 blogan@pps.net


The Substitute Office is hiring substitute teachers for the 2014-2015 school year in all endorsement areas. Postings are currently active and will go down on September 2, 2014. We will have one day for interviewing on September 9 at Marshall Campus. If you are available to assist with interviewing on the 9th, email mschneibel@pps.net by August 27, as we will need as much support as possible. Please share with anyone you know who would be interested in substituting in our district.

If you know any friends, family or community members that would be interested in substituting in our district, please share this information. Interested candidates can apply by going to the following link and applying directly to the position posting in which they qualify for, https://employment.pps.k12.or.us/ats/job_board_frame?COMPANY_ID=00002736.
If you have any questions about substitute positions, please contact the Substitute Office at 503-916-3330.

Melissa Schneibel, HR Specialist, Substitute Office
x63300 mschneibel@pps.net


Dear Principals,
As the new school year starts, I want to acknowledge that meeting the needs of all your students is often difficult. It often seems there is never enough staff to cover the expanding need of our students. Over the past few years, the special education department has added additional para educator FTE to meet these needs, at an alarming rate. We are no longer able to sustain this annual budget increase of para educator FTE.

Our special education teacher and para educator FTE is set for the 2014-15 school year and all available FTE has been allocated to buildings. In cases where there are new needs and requests for para educator support, the special education department will be triaging these requests and assessing the entire district in order to move existing staff to cover our highest needs areas.

Para’s will be prioritized to cover the following student needs:
• Students with physical management needs (toileting, visual impairment, mobility, wheelchair transfers)
• Medical needs (feeding protocols, delegated medical procedures)
• Physical safety (threat to self or others - these requests will be assessed within the context of your current staffing and the level of threat. FBA/BIP and IEP goals are required)

In order to assess our current reality and manage our limited resources responsibly, our Program Administrators will be observing and gathering schedules for all currently assigned 1:1 para educator staff. Because our goal is always for students to gain as much independence as possible, we will also be requiring that all students who receive support from a para educator have a goal on their IEP that works toward increased independence. Please understand that “adult assistance” on an IEP’ does not necessarily mean a para educator. Para educators are not assigned to the Learning Centers or to students as 1:1’s to provide academic instruction. These services are required to be delivered by a certified teacher.

If you have a student move into your building that currently requires full time adult assistance as indicated on their IEP, please contact your Program Administrator. Thank you.

Mary Pearson, Director, Special Education
x63297 mpearson@pps.net


Last Spring the Information Technology Department established a School Technology Governance Team (STGT) to provide oversight in the receipt, refurbishment, repurposing, prioritization, and deployment of donated, reclaimed, and overstocked technology equipment. This includes instructional, student, staff, classroom, and lab technology assets. With the influx of instructional staff hired for the 2014-2015 school year, many new classrooms are being created and schools may not have enough technology to supply those classrooms. While all State of Oregon Licensed full time staff employed by PPS to provide instruction in PPS schools for at least 50% of their work day will be receiving a Chromebook this fall, we recognize schools may not have enough projectors and document cameras for new classrooms at the start of the school year.

Please submit a request to the IT Service Desk (itservicedesk@pps.net) for new classrooms in need of a projector and/or a document camera, where no other option is available, and we will accommodate as many requests as possible.

As a reminder from our Admin Connection on May 28, 2014, the STGT uses data collected through ongoing proactive inventory in partnership with Site Technology Coordinators (STCs) and school administrators to identify conditions that do not meet the district's technology standards. Allocation of available resources will be prioritized using several factors including the ratio of school enrollment to available student technology, the age and condition of computers, and school combined underserved percentages.

In order to help facilitate this work, if you or your STC observe non-standard technology conditions in your building, please submit a ticket to the IT Service Desk. Be sure to report all unacceptable conditions, including: computer lab disrepair, non-functional classroom technology, and significant quantities of e-waste. The STGT will review the information and follow up with any questions needed to prioritize the situation appropriately. As a reminder, the Service Desk is also able to help resolve individual technology issues such as broken keyboards, mice, monitors, projectors, and document cameras.

This process of resolving these issues across the district can be accelerated by soliciting technology donations from the community. If you know of any businesses or organizations that could be potential donors, please ask them to visit the technology donation website to determine if their equipment meets our donation standard. Potential donors may also contact the IT Service Desk for assistance in starting the donation process.

Ryan Whitman-Morales, Director of Technical Operations
x63007 rmorales@pps.net


The Department of Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment is providing schools with some additional PD prep time in order for school PD/Leadership teams to plan for the implementation of best practice sessions in schools during the school year. This time may be utilized as extended hours or subs so long as it is used to help your team implement CCSS modules, meet with OTL staff contacts, plan for PLC meetings and conduct peer observations of best practices or strategies supporting CCSS shifts. Your assigned OTL staff member will share more information about the level of support available and how to access this resource after August 28.

Ewan Brawley, Senior Director, ICA
x63749 ebrawley@pps.net


Essential Skills Work Sample Administration and Scoring Training for both Math and Literacy will be offered this fall by TOSAs in the Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment department. The math training will be held on Wednesday, October 1, from 8 – 11:30. A combined reading and writing training will be held on Wednesday, September 24, from 8 – 4. Teachers will be able to sign up via the Learning Campus. The MESD will also offer a reading and writing training on Wednesday, November 19.

Susan Payne, Asst. Director, Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment
x63115 spayne@pps.net


Welcome back! Please take a few moments to review your School Start-up Technology Guidelines here:

Important topics include:
* IT accounts for new staff
* Password Self-Service
* GoogleApps for Education
* Wifi security and performance
* Phone and cell-phone changes
* Tech bundles update
* School Technology Refresh Planning

Thank you.

Marita Ingalsbe, Director, IT Application Services
x63136 ingalsbe@pps.net


It has been brought to my attention there is some confusion surrounding the requirements for the emergency drills and the centralized drill calendar. Below are answers to some questions that have come up:

Schools are required to conduct monthly fire drills in addition to the two lockdown and two earthquake drills. The first fire drill must occur within 10 days of school being in session. At least two of your fire drills need to be conducted outside of your normal class times (e.g. lunch, passing, recess). Some of the K5/K8 schools will need to conduct weekly fire drills in the month of September depending on your building and the fire code requirement.

You must keep a record of ALL drills conducted in your buildings. This record is to be kept on the drill log located in your red binders next to the fire panel. This log is required by the Fire Marshall and will be checked during the annual inspections.
You do not need to put your monthly fire drills on the centralized all drill calendar. We only need to see the lockdown and the earthquake drills on the calendar. A separate report will be generated monthly to confirm that the fire drills are being conducted in accordance with fire code and the ORS.

IT has worked out the bugs in the drill calendar, you can now schedule your drills without running into conflicts with other schools’ drill schedule.

Reminder if you can conduct your first earthquake drill on 10/16 at 10:16 for the Great Shakeout, and that would be awesome.
Please let me know if you need any assistance or additional information about the emergency drill requirements or the calendar.

Molly Emmons, Emergency Preparedness Manager
x63238 memmons@pps.net


The Student Handbook and the Guide to Policies, Rules, Procedures on Student Responsibilities, Rights, and Discipline are delayed as we work with PAT to incorporate changes required by new legislative requirements. Stay tuned for updates in the days ahead. We have a goal of getting needed documents to you prior to the first day of school.

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net


We are in conversation with the Multnomah County Health Department in support of promoting oral health for our students and preventing tooth decay. Good oral health supports overall health while poor dental health takes a bite out of student attendance. Information for students, families, and staff can be found at: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/student-services/7830.htm

Below, you will find important information about changes in the fluoride and dental sealant program. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by phone 503.916.2000 x71004 or email at tjackson@pps.net.

The following message was sent to our school and childcare partners by Joanne Fuller, Director, Multnomah County Health Department:

• Multnomah County Health Department is expanding its dental sealant program for school children. At the same time, we are phasing out the School Fluoride Program in the fall of 2015.
• The School Fluoride Program will continue, as usual, for the 2014-2015 school year.
• We will continue to provide all oral health classroom presentations that schools depend on us to deliver as in past years.

Background-Why Change?
As you may know, Multnomah County Health Department operates the School Fluoride Program in partnership with your school district. The program provides fluoride tablets and fluoride rinses to children as well as training and materials to school personnel. One of the only places children could access fluoride 40+ years ago was through schools.

Today is different. Fluoride is found in most toothpastes and many processed foods and beverages. Children today benefit from better access to fluoride supplements through dental and medical professionals. Fluoride tablets in schools make less of a difference today than when the program began. We have more effective ways to target our efforts to improve children’s oral health.

Current Assessment
Multnomah County Health Department regularly evaluates its services and programs. We ensure our programs are aligned with the best scientific evidence available. We do this to invest public dollars wisely and to improve health as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Several important pieces of information have helped us to make the decision to discontinue the School Fluoride Program:
• Given the wide availability of fluoride in the community, the School Fluoride Program is less effective today than it was 40+ years ago.
• Schools are a challenging environment in which to administer tablets daily and ensure they are taken properly. Teachers and school staff are burdened with busy days and bustling classrooms, and administering fluoride supplements is yet another responsibility.
• Fluoride supplements are most effective at preventing tooth decay when discussed at the doctor’s office.

What to Expect
The School Fluoride Program will be discontinued in the fall of 2015. The Multnomah County Health Department will re-invest resources in the school dental sealants program. Dental sealants are scientifically proven to be the most effective way to prevent cavities from starting.

We are not currently providing dental sealant services to as many middle school students as our community needs. Therefore, we hope to partner with you and other school districts to expand our targeted efforts to the middle school student population.

We are committed to acting as a resource for community partners. We will continue to provide all the grade- and age-specific oral health classroom presentations that schools depend on us to deliver.

We want to emphasize that there are many ways to access fluoride supplements and services throughout the community. We can help. We are committed to providing you with resources to support you through this transition. Multnomah County Health Department wants to work with our school partners to understand how best we can help with communication strategies to staff and families within your district. We also plan to provide online information in multiple languages as well as resources for you to distribute to the audiences within your school district.

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net


None at this time



Looking for an efficient way to educate your school community about Superintendent Smith's focus on third grade reading? Communications is happy to personalize a poster for your K-5 or K-8 that encourages reading and provides staff and families a link to the district's goal.

Larry Bingham, Communications Manager
x63066 lbingham@pps.net


School counselors are currently piloting a district-wide tool to communicate about student needs as they transition from elementary to middle school and from K-8/middle school to high school. This process will enable you and your team to make better data driven decisions from the start of the year. All high school and middle school counselors will be receiving a spreadsheet of their incoming students that include 30+ data points per student. Counselors met on June 18 to share this information with receiving counselors, so that they can plan early interventions and supports for students. To see the spreadsheet for your school, please contact your school counselor. For more information on the process, please contact Nicole Kappes-Levine, Student Services Counselor or Tammy Jackson, Director of Student Services.

Nicole Kappes-Levine, Student Services Counselor
x63036 nlevine1@pps.net

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net


The annual What You Need to Know publication for students/families and for reference by staff will begin arriving Thursday, August 21, via Pony in English and soon after in supported languages.

The publication covers such important items as emergency communications and preparedness; the new Community Eligibility Meals Program at 25 schools; roll out of Google Apps for Education; the new District Parent & Family Ombudsman; Superintendent Smith's three priorities and more.

If the publication does not come in time for your orientation or your welcome packets, please backpack or otherwise distribute the publication to students/families and to staff at your earliest convenience. We edited the publication down from 8 pages to 4 and it required extra time to complete this.

If you have an urgent need or would like to explore whether you could get your WYNTK sooner, please email to pubinfo@ppsnet and we will see if we can arrange something. If you need more copies, please also email to pubinfo@pps.net and let us know the name of your school and how many copies you need of which languages.

Please note that we are providing copies for all students in the PK-8 level and then we are providing several hundred copies to each high school to give to freshmen and new students. Thank you!

Erin Barnett, Senior Communications Manager
x63385 ebarnett@pps.net


We have scheduled an orientation for new counselors and professional development dates throughout the year for all counselors. Please see dates and details below. Professional development will be aimed at ensuring HS graduation that is inclusive of college and career readiness for all students and will be planned by counselors with Student Services and other departments. There will be many opportunities throughout the year for us to connect and for you to participate in growing the role of the school counselor in PPS. Nicole Kappes-Levine, Student Services Counselor, and I look forward to meeting and connecting with each of your counselors in the days and weeks ahead as we support your work. Please contact Nicole or me if you have questions by phone 503.916.2000 x71004 or email at studentservices@pps.net.

PK-8 Counselors
Monday, August 25, 2014 at Tubman
o 8:30-11:30am Orientation for all NEW counselors
o 12:30-3:30pm ALL PK-8
Monthly meetings on the 4th Monday of each month in the Tubman library beginning 9/22/2014 3:30-4:30pm

HS Counselors
Monday, August 25, 2014 at Tubman
o 8:30-11:30am Orientation for all NEW counselors (as schedules permit)
Monthly meetings first Wednesday of each month beginning 10/1/2014 at Tubman in room 227 from 8:15-10:15am

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net