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The Administrator's Connection contains information for school and central administrators. Please see the current posting below which may include required action, required reading, deadlines and opportunities.

Admin Connection for  October 14, 2014

Information for school and central administrators:

This administrative webpage will be the primary communication tool from district leadership. Occasionally, there could be a change in venue, date, or time of an event or meeting. When these or similar pieces of information need to be conveyed quickly, group e-mails will most likely be sent out. However, the number of these should be limited. School and district administrators are expected to view the Admin Connection every Tuesday (on Wednesday on weeks when the district is closed on Monday). Thank you and do not hesitate to notify us (admin-connection@pps.net) if you have suggestions for improvement of this tool.


None at this time



We will not be conducting the Safe and Civil Schools survey this year. Instead, the Portland School Board has directed the Superintendent and PPS staff to develop and conduct a district wide climate survey that will be administered near the beginning of the calendar year. The survey will be followed by a district wide values, growth and equity survey conducted in the spring. More information will be shared with you as the details and timeline are developed before Thanksgiving.

Jon Isaacs, Chief, Communications & Public Affairs
x63054 jisaacs@pps.net

Joe Suggs, Director, Research, Evaluation & Assessment
x63209 jsuggs@pps.net


Executive Master Calendar
PAPSA: time change
OTL Leadership: time and room change

Principals’ Master Calendar
PAPSA: time change

Link to calendars

Rudy Rudolph, Project Manager
x74618 rrudolph@pps.net


Is there a standard form for schools to use that are doing the written report for parent/teacher conferences?

Answer: Yes. These forms are uniform, agreed upon with PAT, and available in all supported languages. They were sent out to principals by Gail Warren on Friday, October 3. (See below)

This form is difficult for teachers to fill out. Can we have an easier way to fill these out and print them?

Answer: IT and ICA have made the documents into 'fillable forms' for easier printing. They will be available by Wednesday, October 15, at http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/curriculum/index.htm.

What is the responsibility of specialists for working during conferences?

Answer: Specialists (eg. Art, Music, PE teachers) should be available to parents during the conference window. During evening conferences, the PAT/PPS expectation is that those teachers are available for parents who may wish to visit with them. They are not required to submit grades or narratives on the written report (non-report card) form. Specialists in K-8 schools still need to submit a report card for 6-8 students and are still given a planning day on November 10 to complete those grades.

Brock Logan, Director of Labor Relations
x63551 blogan@pps.net

Ewan Brawley, Senior Director, ICA
x63749 ebrawley@pps.net



Deadline: Friday, 10/17/14
Admin Staff: Required to respond to PPS School Staff Support Survey

Location: Link to survey

Tammy Jackson, Director, Student Services
916-2000 x71004 tjackson@pps.net



Please let your teachers know that face-to-face professional learning opportunities are available on Google Apps for Education. October offerings are currently live and new classes will be added by month. Register on the PPS Learning Campus, http://campus.coursepark.com/portland/index.cfm/.

Melissa Lim, Instructional Technology
916-2000 x74130 mlim@pps.net


Over the past three months the PPS Records & Information Management (RIM) department has received a substantial amount of corrective feedback concerning the internal record request process. Effective immediately, authorized district employees may now use email to request internal business records; fax requests will still be accepted as we transition into the new process.

The new email address for requesting internal business records is: records@pps.net. You will be notified the moment your records are ready to review. And as part of the new procedure, district staff will now be allowed to access their records within the RIM Office on L2-50; for your convenience a copy machine is available.

Please direct any questions you may have to Rome Williams (Records Manager) at rwilliams@pps.net. Thank you.

Rome Williams,Records Manager
x74863 rwilliams2@pps.net


The Center for Women's Leadership is proud to announce our upcoming first annual Girls: Oregon, Action Leadership, Service Summit on OCTOBER 24, 2014, in the Smith Ballroom at Portland State University (8:30 - 3:30). This kick off Summit to our yearlong program is an opportunity for teens across the Portland metro area to come together to learn about leadership in different fields, unlock their own potential, and network with other amazing young leaders. After the Summit, teens can participate for free in our on-line and face-to-face challenges and special leadership programs throughout the school year.

Studies show that young women tend not to opt-in to programs like this because they assume that they do not qualify. Having a mentor, teacher or role model encourage a girl to apply can make all the difference. We offer scholarships for any student who needs one. For a student who requires a scholarship, please let them know to choose the scholarship option when registering.

We still have spots available, but encourage students to register as soon as possible to guarantee a spot! Visit our website for more details, and to access our online registration page. If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to visit our website or contact us. Our phone number is (503) 725-2895, or email us at cwlinfo@pdx.edu.

What will participants do at the Summit?
At the Summit participants will meet girls from around the city, and learn from the best leaders in the state about issues students care about. There will be fun workshops, inspiring speakers, and great snacks! Some workshops we’ve had in the past include:
• advocating for yourself and others
• meeting and learning from women in business, technology and the arts
• learning about education and career paths that are open to you
• learning about (and meeting) women who have been elected or appointed to positions of public leadership

What is the Center for Women’s Leadership?
The Center for Women's Leadership, housed at the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, is changing the way leadership looks from the ground up. Through targeted teaching programs for women and girls, community events, the Abigail Scott Duniway speaker series featuring notable women leaders (such as Lilly Ledbetter), educational programming and skills trainings, the Center is building a diverse group of emerging women leaders in communities across the state.

The Details
When and where is the event? October 24, 2014 at the Smith Ballroom, Portland State University. The program will run from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Check-in starts at 8:00!
How much does it cost to participate? It costs $15 to register per student. Scholarships are available. For a student who requires a scholarship, please let them know to choose the scholarship option when registering.
What do students receive for their $15?
• Access to some of the most exciting women leaders in the state
• The opportunity to meet with other amazing young leaders from their community
• Lunch and an awesome t-shirt!
How do students register? Visit our website for details about the online registration process.
Is transportation provided? No, students are responsible for organizing their own transportation to the event. We suggest TriMet (http://trimet.org/howtoride/maptripplanner.htm) or carpooling with other participants.

Kristen Miles, Program Director, Charter Schools
x63359 kmiles@pps.net