Measure 26-121, the bond to upgrade safety, classroooms

Voters will decide in the May 17, 2011, election on a $548 million bond measure that would allow Portland Public Schools to update learning environments and upgrade safety, security and building systems at every PPS school, and to rebuild nine schools. The PPS Office of School Modernization has a long-range plan to rebuild all school buildings over the coming 20 to 30 years. Learn more about the bond measure's upgrades in your school or your area.




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Voters protect teaching positions, say no to upgrades
May 18, 2011

Voters on Tuesday passed a five-year replacement local option levy to pay for teaching positions, but denied a six-year school facilities bond to increase safety and update classrooms and learning environments at all PPS school buildings. [More]

How old are PPS schools?
April 20, 2011

How many schools has PPS built since purchasing its first PC? Which high school was the world’s largest when it was built? Which three schools, still in operation, received electric lights as retrofits? Find answers to these questions and more in a timeline of PPS school construction.

What goes into school construction budgets?
April 04, 2011

What factors go into school construction budgets?  See the links below for detailed analysis of school construction budgets.

Chief operating officer message on bond costs
Cost estimates and budget by project

Facilities bond budget in line with other school districts
April 01, 2011

Independent construction experts, experienced school construction managers help PPS estimate school project costs. [More]

Earthquake safety: Bond would pay for further seismic work at schools
March 18, 2011

Portland Public Schools' buildings are, on average, 65 years old, constructed well before modern seismic construction standards. PPS has made some updates at most schools -- reinforcing the structures to help students and staff exit safely in case of a quake. With updated assessments from independent construction engineers, PPS has a plan to tackle the next round of work. If voters approve the May bond measure, 12 percent will pay for earthquake safety: full retrofits, roofing reinforcement and more. (Handout on earthquake safety)

PPS has plan to protect the community's investment in modernized schools
March 16, 2011

The school facilities bond would rebuild nine schools across the school district, but how would PPS maintain them? Tight budgets across Oregon have school districts clamping down on their custodial and maintenance costs, and PPS has been no exception. But as PPS looks to the future, leaders have identified a long-range plan to maintain the rebuilt schools. And just as important, they have laid out the income streams to pay for it.

Bond would bring cleaner, more efficient heat to 40-plus schools
March 15, 2011

Few besides school custodians ever get an up-close look, but about half of Portland Public Schools' buildings are heated by oil-burning boilers, often as old as the buildings themselves. [ More ]

Election measures' cost to homeowners
March 11, 2011

Portland Public Schools voters will decide on two property tax measures in the May election: a bond measure to increase safety and update school buildings, and a local option levy to pay for teaching positions. Together, they would add $2.74 per $1,000 to local property tax rates, with the costs to individual homeowners dependent on the value of their property. [More]

Facilities bond includes safety, security measures
February 8, 2011

The school facilities bond, Measure 26-121 in the May election, includes updates to increase safety and security at every PPS school and the rebuilding of nine schools to full modern standards. Work includes increased security at entrances, environmental design for safety and crime prevention, fire alarm replacements, increased safety in stage areas, transportation safety and seismic upgrades. [More]


Board committee receives bond program update
February 1, 2011

Sarah Schoening, Director of School Modernization, today briefed the Portland School Board's Finance, Audit and Operations Committee, as part of her regular updates with this oversight committee as the bond program is developed. Tuesday's update covered the bond program's budget, cost estimates for elements of the school facilities bond package, construction management practices and the work to ensure that minority, women and emerging small businesses are able to participate in the work. [Presentation]  [Bond Program Budget Summary] (Adobe PDF)

PPS pursues efficiencies to cut costs
January 25, 2011

Portland Public Schools has repeatedly cut costs, found efficiencies and worked to stretch limited funding to best serve its almost 47,000 students. From employee compensation to health and retirement costs, streamlining transportation and closing schools, the district's focus has been to protect student's educations as state education funding is slashed. [More]

School facilities bond would support six new or replaced high school fields
January 20, 2011

Measure 26-121 on the May ballot would cover most project costs to complete six high school fields -- so that students and community members across Portland would have access to a network of safer, updated and all-weather fields. [More]

A rebuilt Jefferson High School
January 3, 2011

A rebuilt Jefferson High School would house the expanded middle college program, in partnership with Portland Community College.[Adobe PDF]

One school, one campus
December 14, 2010

The school facilities bond would fund construction of a sixth-grade wing onto West Sylvan Middle School – uniting a school currently divided by a freeway.[Adobe PDF]

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