Grant High School

Grant High School is one of 3 PPS high schools being modernized as part of an 8-year $482 million school building improvement bond. Grant's modernization will completely reconfigure and update learning spaces with a focus on indoor environmental quality, sustainability and historic preservation. Learn more about Grant High School here.

The planning phase for the modernization of Grant will begin in the fall of 2015 and construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2017 and last 2 years.  Students are scheduled to returned to a Modernized Grant in the fall of 2019,

The Grant Master Planning Open House is Thursday, Dec. 3rd 5:30p.m. - 7:30p.m. in the GHS Library.     View the Open House Flyer | in Español

View the Grant Modernization flyer (10/23/15) | in Español

Get Involved

In the fall of 2015 a series of Public Design Workshops will take place providing the Grant community a voice in the design process.

Grant Design Advisory Group (DAG)

The Grant (DAG) is a group of school and community stakeholder representatives who will help provide feedback for the Grant modernization plans. While DAG members are appointed, their meetings are open to the public.  The Grant Design Advisory Group (DAG) members. Read the DAG charter

View a calendar of upcoming Grant DAG meetings

The next DAG meeting is Thur. Dec 16th, 5:30p.m.-7:30p.m. in the GHS Library

Download the meeting minutes here:

DAG #1 Presentation (9-9-15) DAG Mtg Minutes #1 (9-9-15) 

DAG #2  Presentation (9-24-15) DAG Mtg Minutes #2 (9-24-15) Video of DAG#2 mtg (9-24-15)

DAG #3 Presentation (10-8-15)
DAG Mtg Minutes #3 (10-8-15) Video of DAG#3 mtg (10-8-15)

Design Workshop #1 Presentation (10-24-15)

Video of 10-24-15 Workshop

Design Workshop #2 Presentation (11-7-15)

Video of 11-7-15 Workshop

DAG #4 Presentation (11-5-15) DAG Mtg Minutes #4 (11-5-15) Video of DAG#4 mtg (11-5-15)


Stay Informed

View a slideshow from the first Master Planning workshop below.

View the District Education Specifications for Comprehensive High Schools (Ed Specs)

Get answers to your questions with the Grant Modernization FAQs

View an infographic that describes factors that influence the design of a future Grant H.S.

View the Grant to Marshall Transportation Flyer

Full modernizations retain the historic character of the school while bringing those buildings up to code and concurrently creating a more modern learning environment. This is considered the most cost-effective, sustainable way to improve Grant, due to age, condition and historic significance.

Mahlum is the architecture firm that PPS selected for the modernization of Grant High School. Deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Mahlum creates spaces that express the culture, aspirations and identity of the communities they serve, distinctively honoring the character of each K-12 school they design.

Grant schedule

Master planning has begun
Construction begins summer 2017

View the overall Bond timeline



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For more information about school building improvements, contact: 503-916-2222 or email

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In The News

More modernized high schools begin to blossom   Sept. 29, 2015

PPS confirms Marshall as home for Grant during modernization Dec 11, 2013

PPS staff confirmed Tuesday that Grant High School classes, programs and activities would move to the Marshall campus in Southeast Portland during the modernization work at Grant starting in summer 2017 through summer 2019. [Read more]