School modernization/replacement design

Each school will be designed a community process, including input from teachers and schools staff, as well as students and families.

Although our school district has common educational goals and we want high-quality, equitable standards for each school, each school has a unique community. Each school’s redesign will take into account particular factors, such as:

  • Partnership opportunities
  • Services to be offered to students
  • Historical significance of the buildings
  • Characteristics of the surrounding neighborhood.

Design Advisory Groups (DAGs) will be formed to be involved in the design process for each of the three high schools that will be rebuilt and for the replacement of Faubion PK-8. Each DAG will be engaged in master planning and design through design development. Design Advisory Groups will consist of parents, teachers, students, the community and wrap around constituents.

Students, parents, teachers and community members will provide feedback into school master planning and the architectural design process at each school.

The Office of School Modernization will also work with school communities to raise awareness and address disruption that could occur through the modernization of schools and as a result of otherimprovements.