Educational Facility Visioning

The Board of Education adopted the Education Facilities Vision document on September 9, 2013. The document can be found here:

    View the Education Facilities Vision Document

    With the assistance of an Executive Advisory Committee, a community engagement process was developed for the visioning and specifications portion of the project. Sixteen groups and organizations representing emerging and underrepresented constituents of the District were engaged in questions about how to create and provide school environments that nurture, inspire, and challenge students that are safe, healthy and accessible to all. Notes from these conversations can be found in the Appendix of the Education Facilities Visioning document. The vision process also incorporates the community engagement efforts of the OSM prior to the November 5, 2012 vote on the District’s bond proposal.

    Key themes from these conversations were developed for the Facilities Vision Summit on May 28, 2013 and presented to attendees representing participants in the community conversations. Attendees voted on whether the key themes represented views for the future of school facilities in the District.

    The Education Facilities Vision is integral part of developing District-wide Educational Specifications (Ed Specs) for district school buildings. More information about the development of Educational Specifications can be found here.