Faubion K-8 School

The new Faubion PK-8 leverages a major capital partnership with Concordia University in a new facility scheduled to begin work in the fall of 2015 and open in September 2017. The new facility will serve as a new public/private model for higher education and K-12 sharing space as well as leveraging resources to create a new teaching model for the Cully/Concordia community.

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Watch the Faubion Back to School video that shows parents both bus & car drop off routes to Tubman & other important school information.

Project Schedule

The Faubion project is now in the design development stage. Demolition of the existing building will take place in the fall of 2015 with construction beginning in early 2016.

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Design Advisory Group

The Design Advisory Group (DAG) is a group of school and community stakeholder representatives who help provide feedback for the new Faubion School plans. While members to the DAG are appointed, the meetings are open to the public.

Read the Faubion DAG charter DAG #1 Meeting Notes DAG #2 Meeting Notes DAG #3 Meeting Notes DAG #4 Meeting Notes DAG #5 Meeting Notes DAG #6 Meeting Notes DAG #8 Meeting Notes DAG#9 Meeting Notes  DAG#10 Meeting Notes


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Relocation to Tubman School

Faubion PK-8 students will relocate to Tubman School 2231 N. Flint Ave. during construction of the new building. Tubman School will be vacated and all Faubion students, teachers, and staff, in addition to Concordia’s student volunteers, will be at Tubman for two school years; 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

Yellow school bus service provided during relocation

Yellow school bus service will transport all Faubion students to Tubman School during this time. Students will return to the new Faubion School in September 2017

The Faubion Master Plan was enthusiastically and unanimously approved by the PPS School Board on April 16th. Read the Pulse article about the Master Plan presentation here.

Boora Architects is the design team for the Faubion rebuild. Boora has a strong background in designing creative functional and sustainable learning environments.


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