Roosevelt High School is one of three high schools that will be modernized as part of the school building improvement bond.  Please download the new info-flyer on Phase 1 construction. and its impacts on students and staff.

Roosevelt High School Modernization

A $92 million investment in North Portland.

Phased Construction began  Spring 2015

Phase 1 Buildings ready for use:  Fall 2016

Construction completed:
Fall 2017

Roosevelt Modernization FAQ



For construction related issues, please call the Roosevelt construction line: 1-866-686-1886

Project Updates/Information


Construction Updates Aug 31-Sept. 4, 2015

On August 31st, Staff and Students executed Roosevelt’s first fire drill utilizing the Construction Evacuation Path, through a fenced path from the school courtyard to the Football Field. Thing could not have gone more smoothly and we are grateful to all that participated in this important exercise to ensure student safety during the Roosevelt Modernization.

The halls at Roosevelt are once again bustling with activity with the start of the 2015-16 school year last Thursday. Drills like the one mentioned and peer-led tours have been used to help orient new and returning students to the campus. With many areas fenced off, doors no longer in use and several new buildings in place, making sure students are oriented with the changing landscape has been a critical priority in keeping Roosevelt an operational school.

The construction team, led by Lease Crutcher Lewis, continues to work hard and has kept the project on schedule through the summer. With nearly all of the major demolition now complete (including the much anticipated chimney removal), efforts are being focused on preparing for the foundations of the new wings to begin in September. 

Soon the footprint of the new spaces will be visible as well as key landmarks such as the new orchestra pit and new stairwells taking shape. We look forward to sharing pictures of this exciting progress soon.

The Roosevelt Campus School-Based Health Center is now open. The clinic hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Tuesdays, open late: 9:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.   The clinic is now in a state-of-the-art mobile health services unit that located next to the new P.E. tent behind the library. The clinic number is (503) 988-3909 Click here to view the Roosevelt Clinic Family Advisory.

Construction Updates August 18-22, 2015

With furniture moved into the new modular classroom buildings, things are coming together for the first week of school. Roosevelt’s “Ten-Plex” on the front lawn will be home to the Math department and SUN/Step Up tutoring program for this coming school year. One of the modular buildings relocated from Faubion School will serve as Social Service offices and the Teen Clothes Closet. The other will be the temporary weight room.

Multnomah County’s new Mobile Health Clinic has arrived on site last week, and is now located on the west side of the Library Building. The Mobile Clinic will serve as their temporary location while their new facilities are constructed at the front of old auditorium building.

As the school moves onto the temporary boiler system, Contractors will begin removing the Boiler Building and chimney within the next week.

Teachers return on Friday, and custodians are putting on the final touches to make sure everything is ready for the coming school year. We look forward to welcoming both current and new Roosevelt students back next week.

Construction Updates July 31- Aug 6, 2015

Demolition on the 1960s gymnasium wing is now nearly complete. All that remains is the first and basement floors. This deconstruction will clear the footprint for the foundation of the new gymnasium wing. It is hard to imagine, but this time next year, new furniture and paint touch-ups will be all that remain to get the building ready for the first day of the 2016-2017 school year.

With the gym demolition complete, contractors will move onto the Boiler and chimney by late next week. They should complete before students return the last week of August.  Finishing touches are being done on the modular classrooms. Ramps are being installed this week along with flooring. This should clear the way for furniture to be moved next week.

Construction Updates July 28-31, 2015

The construction team wrapped up the gymnasium demolition last week and has begun work removing the adjacent 1960s wing by raking off the layer of brick and separating it from the main building. Many have asked about the gymnasium floor which was refinished (not fully replaced) by the Portland Trailblazers about 10 years ago. Sections of the floor were removed and given to the Roosevelt Alumni Association for use in future historical displays and as fundraising memorabilia. The bleachers were salvaged for use as wood accents in the modernized building.

Very soon the building will be moved over to its new temporary power service. Once that is online, the old boilers that have served the school for generations can be taken offline and the boiler room itself can be demolished to make way for the new Student Commons & cafeteria.

With the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year soon upon us, the moves into the new modular classrooms are being coordinated so spaces are ready for staff and students’ return in late August. To see a notice showing construction routes at Roosevelt click here.

View the RHS Access & Emergency exit plan

Construction Begins July 17, 2015

Demolition on the music building is now complete. The crews are nearing completion on the demolition of the gymnasium, with the rest of that 1960s wing to follow. This will make way for the new gym wing and access drive.

The temporary classrooms—the “ten-plex” and the two portables from Faubion--have arrived and been set in place. All that remains is finish work, adding ramps, and moving furniture to get them ready for the first day of school.

With summer school now complete, the custodial team is taking advantage of the students and staffs absence to step up school cleaning activities. Please know that the school will be closed for all community members and non-custodial staff July 25-August 4 so the main office and hallways can be cleaned.

Due to construction activities, there are some limitations in place at the Roosevelt Track & Football Field. Access has been limited to the track gate on North Burr Avenue (See the Track_Access notice). Water and electricity have also been disconnected (See the
Track_Utilities notice). Some bleachers are currently roped off due to dust from the gym demolition. Please be sure to seek out a Civic Use of Buildings permit to confirm whether facilities will be available. The tennis courts have also been closed. (See the
Tennis Courts Closed notice)

Some have noticed that several of Roosevelt’s trees have been felled make way for new construction. Many pieces of these trees, including stumps and trucks, are being identified by the landscape architect to be used in new stormwater pond areas and as furniture in the school. The intent is for them to remain a part of the Roosevelt community for generations to come.


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Click here to view the Roosevelt Clinic Family Advisory.

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