Bond Timelines

The  $482 million school construction bond -- approved by voters in Nov. 2012 -- prioritizes: high schools, seismic upgrades, increased accessibility and existing partnerships that include capital funding commitments that leverage bond funds. The bond will fund school upgrades that will: 

  • Replace leaking, worn or deteriorating school roofs.
  • Modernize Franklin High School, Grant High School and Roosevelt High School, and replace Faubion PreK-8 school. (It will also begin planning for the upgrade of additional high schools in coming years.)
  • Reinforce schools against earthquakes.
  • Repay previous loans that funded 9 roof replacements, 47 boiler conversions, and the Rosa Parks School.
  • Increase access to schools for students, teachers and visitors with disabilities.
  • Upgrade science classrooms at middle grade schools.