Getting the news about bad weather

Getting urgent news - quickly

Weather-related delays. School emergencies. Special events:

  • NEW Text Messaging: Opt-in to School Messenger by sending the text message Yes or Y to 68453. Read more about the Mobile First initiative. 
  • Twitter: @PPSConnect at 
  • Facebook
  • Phone call: Auto-dialer calls “primary” number on student registration form in all supported languages.

PPS decision-making process for weather-related closures/delays:

Go to the Student Transportation webpage to learn more. View Snow Routes & Schedules for Buses. Remember to add two hours to the bus times in the event of a two-hour late start. When buses are on snow routes, this applies to morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off.

Remember that families have the right to decide to keep their children home from school if they feel travel conditions are unsafe. Please call the school to let them know.