Get urgent news: Weather, disasters, school emergencies

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PPS communication pathways

  • Text messages: Sign up for School Messenger by texting YES to 68453
  • Alert pod on and all school websites
  • Twitter: @PPSConnect
  • Facebook
  • Phone: Auto-dialer calls in supported languages

Inclement Weather

Look up your snow bus route and schedule. Note that pick-up times may vary slightly from the usual bus schedule.

What PPS does
When weather conditions make it hard to get to school safely, PPS chooses from:

  • Buses on snow routes
  • Two-hour late start
  • Buses on snow routes and two-hour late start
  • Schools closed
  • Schools & offices closed
  • School dismissed early
How you find out
PPS uses all pathways to communicate before 6:30 a.m., except when weather conditions are evolving. Note: PPS will phase out auto-dialers over time as text messaging expands but will double up for now to meet our responsibility to inform all families. PPS does not have the ability to tailor messaging to individual families. Thanks for your understanding.

How PPS decides
Our priority is safety. District officials consult meteorologists, transportation officials and PPS staff who test road conditions. Sometimes conditions change or vary by area of the city.

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Disasters: Earthquake preparedness

What PPS does
In the event of an earthquake, students are taught to:

  • Duck, cover and hold on.
  • Evacuate when instructed. Attendance is taken.
  • Return to building, if safe, or gather in designated indoor or outdoor space.

Getting home
If damage is minor, bus and other transportation would proceed as normal. If damage is severe, buses would not run and families must pick up children at school.

How you find out
If communication systems remain functional, PPS would inform families about how students will get home. Otherwise, families are expected to get students from school as soon as possible.

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School Emergencies

What PPS does
In consultation with police, schools use the following:

Lockout: A threat outside a school(s). Staff brings students inside, locks all entrances and proceeds with classes until threat is addressed.

Lockdown: A threat inside a school. Staff locks all classroom doors and students take shelter in classrooms as necessary.

Lockdown Team Response: Medical emergency or other such incident where staff needs to assist while keeping students out of the halls. Classroom doors are locked and classes proceed.

Evacuation: Students follow designated paths; attendance is taken.

How you find out
Communication varies by situation:

  • Brief incident: School emails families or backpacks a message home at end of day.
  • Parent action required: Text message and/or auto dialer call as soon as possible if incident impacts school start or dismissal or if students need to be picked up.
  • Extended incident: Text message and/or auto dialer call even if no action is required.
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What families can do

  • Emergency contacts: Student registration information in your school office:
    • Make sure emergency contacts are up to date.
    • List people likely to be near school who can pick up your child if you cannot.
  • Make a plan for picking up your child in the event of an emergency, including a severe earthquake.
  • Remember:
    • Incidents are often resolved quickly with no actual threat to student safety. Please do not come to school amid an emergency unless instructed to do so.
    • PPS recognizes the burden when school is delayed or cancelled due to weather or other incidents while working to make the safest call.